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Doodle #3 (continued) by XxLoveless-KunxX
Doodle #3 (continued)
Doodled some more on the page of the same character.

Got legendary gauntlets today so gotta add them to mix.

--------------------In other words; 

Amazing thing happened while I played recently Destiny, I had decided one day to just sit and look at the scenery at The Tower, and a guy came up. Had asked if I needed any help on anything in the game, and I had said no, I was just taking in the view before I resume some missions/tasks, and he said he does the same sometimes because, who can argue? the environment is absolutely beautiful in the game. After exchanging words for a while, I ended up having him join me on doing some missions. 
After some missions, while he was explaining some story parts and bits about The Tower, we ended up being the same age, in the same city, in the same state, and had gone to the same middle school in the past.  
I remember who he is while we had exchanged numbers and emails to talk more about it and to catch up with eachother since middle school, but hes still working on trying to remember me, he feels he's remembering but still trying to figure it out. 
1 in a zillion moments to run into an old classmate who happened to like the same games.
Had joined his clan on the game nowadays and not a day goes by that something fun happens within it. 

(   ✪  ௰  ✪ૢ  )
Doodle #3 by XxLoveless-KunxX
Doodle #3
My character on Destiny;   hunter/human/lvl 24

Really like her color scheme I've done on her; she has light pink hair, ivoryish skin tone,  then has the Aurora blur shader on her armor, with a black cloak from dead orbit.

This is how she looks on the Tower.

Gonna draw her lots in sketch book inbetween works.

Pertaining to the game, I specialize in Hand cannons, rocket launchers, sniper and blade dancer. 
Got good aim, and lotsa headshots.

(   ✪  ௰  ✪ૢ  )


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About the Artist
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

*I've returned. Kinda.*

I'm proof that the Asian stereotype isn't always right.
I suck at math.
I don't know how to count money.
I'm a breakdancer, artist plus martial artist and music chump.
My neighbors are racist.
My pets are racist.
My dog is proudly bisexual.
My cat loves me only when I give him his treats and catnip.
My cat acts like a Russian and British gentleman.
I can draw with my feet.
I'll probably do YouTube videos.
I need room.
Some Korean women are so annoying.
One stole my wallet.
I like horror despite me being a big puss.
People like when my accent comes out.
I look like a real Anime character outta some Anime in real life.
People tickle me too much.
Don't tickle me.
I support homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbians, all that nice stuff.
I'm easy to talk with.
Let's have tea.
I like talking in these random sentences about me because why not?
It's catchy, yo.
I'm secretly really girly despite my tomboyish front.
Cute things are my weakness.
When I say punch me, sometimes I mean it, I have my reasons.
I wish I had a Sparring partner.
These trees can't give me feedback on how to improve when they're my Sparring partners.
I'm a closet genius.
I graduated HS pretty early.
People forget my age a lot.
People love to mess with me a lot.
I'm lovable.
I like to cook and clean.
I like beaches.
I'm scared of bunnies.
It's true.
I had a bad experience in kindergarten that involved*shudders*
I used to be an awesome surfer too till I had a bad accident.
I'm an introvert but once you get to know me, I'm pretty chill and fun to hang out with.
I live to the fullest.
Even if I get a leg cramp or pull a muscle.
I sometimes have a dark humor.
I'm a sweet tooth.
I'm affectionate.
I'm still scared of the dark.
I'm legally blind kinda.
I like playing video games on mic if I can.
I like many games.
I wish I had more drawing buddies.
My plan F is to audition for JYP because I'm a great breakdancer and I sing pretty good.
I make nendriods for fun.
Making my first prototype and AI.
I blame ghost in the Shell for that.
In a good way.
Want to learn more about me, why not send me a note?

- Nadi

"We all were all born kind, but as we experience life, we change."


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This is NOT a stock image.
The only one whom may is no other other than myself, and other collaborated artists with their characters that associated with mine or griff, along with griff himself.

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  • Listening to: cat meows
  • Reading: storyboards
  • Watching: Kittens terrorize the litterbox
  • Drinking: Flavored H20
It seems that again, as a cycle, I'm getting sick again. 
This time, though, I've been progressively having more and more trouble swallowing.
Still need the surgery for my last problem too, so maybe it's the infection I still have?
The problem I had, the antibiotics stopped helping and stopped responding to the treatment. The hardest thing to hear from a doctor is, "just swallow the pill.", but I could hardly swallow even a grain of rice, a drop of saliva even.

Makes me wonder if this is gonna be my end of the line.

Haven't even reached 25 yet.

Not gonna like next doc visit soon.
They're gonna do throat tests. From what I heard it's gonna be horrible kinds especially since I got an awful gag reflux.


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are you ok?
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Been having ups and downs; got new characters soon at least. x'D hopefully will get to draw them sometime.
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OK, please take care, you have someone to talk too :)
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Awhn. ^  ^ thanks a lot! you take care too. 
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I do tho at the moment, I'm taking a break since work is taking a lot of my freetime at the moment. |||orz will post when I able to though.
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is everything ok?
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